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Welcome to SickPatient.com

This site is designed to be storage for various bits of pre-hospital emergency care information I’ve collected.  I do my best to acquire my information from peer-reviewed, evidence-based FOAM sites, blogs, and podcasts as well as trusted texts and journals. I am by no means perfect however and I apologize in advance for any incorrect information contained on these pages.  As with anything you find on the internet, please use your best judgment when putting into practice any of the skills, checklists or knowledge located here.  This site is not responsible for any harm that befalls you or your patients and does not replace your protocols, scope of care, medical direction and common sense. Duh.

Comments or Critiques

For time being I have disabled commenting on this site.  This is a personal project and I’m not looking to complicate it. If you’d like to contact me regarding this site for any reason please do so via this link.

Thank you.

~Scott Kostolni, EMT-P